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Candles - Black candles, scented and unscented. Assorted sizes and black votives


Solid black candles available in a wide variety of sizes, black cherry scented and chocolate cherry scented black candles. Round and square black pillar candles and three wick round pillar candles. Scented and colored through out the entire candle, not dipped.

black candles, scented and unscented black candles square black candles

Round and Square Black Candles
Available in Licorice and Cherry fragrances

Our candles are the darkest black candles available on the market, with solid color throughout the candle.

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Proper way to measure candles: Candle width is always listed first followed by the heigth.

Listed below are our retail prices

Candle Size ( in inches) Retail
2"w x 3"h 2.75
2"w x 5"h 3.70
2"w x 8"h 5.70
2"w x 10"h 7.50
2"w x 12"h 8.50
2.5 x 3"h 3.50
2.5"w x 5"h 5.50
2.5"w x 8"h 8.50
2.5"w x 10"h 10.00
3"w x 3"h
3"w x 4"h
3"w x 6"h 8.00
3"w x 8"h 9.50
3"w x 10"h 12.50
3"w x 12"h 14.95
4"w x 4"h
4"w x 6"h
4"w x 8"h
6" x 5.5h - 3 wick 25.00
2"w x 2"w x 3"h -Square 3.50
2"w x 2"w x 6"h Square 5.50
3"w x 3"wx 4"h -Square 6.95
3"w x 3"wx 6"h -Square 9.70
3"w x 3"w x 8"h - Square 11.50
3"w x 3"w x 10"h - Square 12.70
3"w x 3" w x 12"h -Square 14.70
4"w x 4" h - Square 10.50

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All our candles are made with lead free wicks

We also have black votive candles 15 hour burn time.
Retail price twelve votive candles for $11.99
Buy wholesale and save up to 30% of your order!

black votive candles
SIZE: 2" height - 1 3/4" Top - 1 1/2" Bottom
Always be sure to place votive candles in proper, tightly fit votive holder while burning.

we accept Master card, Visa card, American Express and money orders.

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* 30% off wholesale applies to non decorated candles. Decorated candles wholesale at 10% off