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COMMENTS: (all candles will be scented unless noted here)

Enchanted Ladies/Men Price QTY Total
CA5000 size: 3x6 $15.00    
CA5001 size: 4x8 $20.00    
CA5002 size: 5x8 $25.00    
CA5003 size: 8x16 $90.00    
CA5004 size: 4x6 $20.00    
CA5005 size: 6x10 $40.00    
Josephine Art Deco
CA7001 size: 5x8.5 $35.00    
CA7002 size: 6.5x12.5 $70.00    
CA7003 size: 8.5x15.5 $118.00    
Garden Of Eden
CA6000 size: 6x9 $48.00    
CA6500 size: 7.5x11.5 $70.00    
Lotus Flower  
301-sm size: 3.5x4.5 $15.00    
301-med size: 4.5x5.5 $22.00    
301-lrg size: 6x6 $25.00    
Butterfly, Frogs, Hummingbirds
CA8001 size: 6x5 $22.00    
CA8002 size: 6x5 $22.00    
CA8003 size: 8x7 $40.00    
Bamboo Jeweled Cross      
203 size: 9.5x6x3 $28.00    
101 size: 6.5x7.75 $25.00    
100 size: 6.5x7.75 $25.00    
Zebra/Elephants/Giraffes Price QTY Total
CA3500 size: 15x5x5 $45.00    
CA2001 size: 7.5x5 $30.00    
CA3000 size: 7.5x5 $38.00    
Three Angels/Cherubs      
CA1503 size: 7.5x15 $90.00    
CA1500 size: 5x8 $25.00    
CA4000 size: 4x12

Acanthus Leaf /Fleur De Ly's
CA1000 size: 3x6 $20.00    
CA5501 size: 5x5x5 $25.00    
CA5500 size: 3x3x3 $20.00    
Fleur De Lys Cross
202 size: 12.5x6x6 $70.00    
102 size: 7x7 $35.00    
Rose Bouquet, Roses
600 size: 5x5 $20.00    
500-mini size: 2.5 x2.5 $24.00    
500-sm size: 4x4
500-med size: 4.5x3.5
500-lrg size: 4.5x4.2
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