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Round and square pillar candles available in a variety of sizes, colors, fragrances and unscented candles.

See also: Large Pillar Candles 3x12 , 3x3x12, 3x10, 3x3x10, 4x6 4x8, 5.5x6

Round and square candle sizes

2" x 3" 2" x 5" 2" x 8" 2" x 10" 2" x 12"
3" x 3" "3 x 4" 3" x 6" 3" x 8" 3" x 10"
3" x 12" 2.5"x 8" 2.5" x10" 3" x 3" x 12" Square 3" x 3" x 10" Square
4" x 4" 4"x 6" 4" x 8" 4" x 4" x 4" Square 6"x 5.5" Three wick

Our candles are scented and colored through out, not dipped like other candles you find on-line.


Assorted pillar candles -  2x3, 2x5, 2x8, 2x10, 2x12 3x3, 3x6, 3x10, 3x12, 2.5x5, 2.5x8, 2.5x10, 4x4, 4x6, 4x8  Round and  square candles in a variety of colors large three wick candle
" Assorted Sizes Round Candles - Three Wick Candles "

Because we use top quality ingredients our candles are virtually drip-less and burn evenly, never boring a hole through the middle as many other candle brands may do. There is very little wax waste left once our candles complete their burning cycle.

Custom color candles available. Send us a color sample swatch and we can match your colors. Minimum order $100
(Not including shipping)

New Candle fragrances:

Ylang and Amber - An alluring floriental that combines nature's most exotic sumptuous floral Ylang, interweaving into an intoxicating base of amber and woods.

Black Cherry - the enticing aroma of wild black cherries. Sweet and powerful, the scent of a bushel of freshly picked cherries.

Cherry Blossom- A lively floral smell of a cherry orhard in bloom

Fresh Linen - Crisp, billowing breezes carry refreshing notes of newly cleansed linens. Fresh and crisp, this fragrance signals springtime has arrived. Refreshing powerful scent.

Cinnamon - Classic spicy red hot cinnamon

Jasmine - A strong and powerful floral scent, infused with the familiar summer scent of blooming jasmine..

Licorice - Old fashioned black licorice candy!

Round pillar candles - Square pillar candles - One & Three wick candles

White unscented pillar candles in all sizes "2 x3" -  " 2x6 2x8 2x10 2x12 3x3 3x6 3x8 3x10 4x4 4x6 4x8 " Square Candles

White scented and white unscented candles available in round and square shape

All pillar candles wholesale up to 30% discounts plus buyers pay no sales tax when purchasing from us!

we accept mastercard, visa card  discover and money orders

Can't find what you are looking for? Email Us We may be able to help you

Standard Color and Fragrance Combinations

Unscented candles vailable in any color

BLACK Cherry, Licorice
BLUE (dark)

BLUE (lite)

Blueberry, Lilac

Fresh Linen, Lilac

BROWN Almond, Vanilla
non metallic
Wild Honey, Jasmine
GREEN (lite) Apple
GREEN (dark) Pine, Bayberry
BLACK Black Cherry, Cherry Blossom, Licorice
PEACH Pikkaki


Rose, Carnation, Fresh Linen

Rose, Cherry Blossom,

PURPLE Lavender
RED Bayberry,Carnation, Cherry, Cranberry, Cinnamon,
Strawberriers & Cream
TURQUOISE Frangipani, Fresh Linen
WHITE Vanilla, Carnation, Almond, Fresh Linen
IVORY Almond, Fresh Linen, Jasmine, Vanilla

Our retail prices are lower then what other candle manufactures charge for wholesale prices!

*Orders over $200 - $300 --- 10% off on purchase
*Orders over $301 - $899 --- 20% off on purchase
*Orders over $900 ---- 30% off on purchase
*Does not include S&H

Round and Square Pillar Candles
Retail and wholesale price, and Sizes
Candle measurements are in inches
w=Width - h=Height

Candle Size ( inches)

Retail Price

2"w x 3"h - Round candle


2"w x 5"h - Round candle


2"w x 8"h - Round candle


2"w x 10"h - Round candle


2"w x 12"h - Round candle


2.5"w x 8"h Round candle


2.5"w x 10"h - Round candle


3"w x 3"h - Round candle
3"w x 4"h - Round candle


3"w x 6"h - Round candle


3"w x 8"h -Round candle


3"w x 10"h - Round candle


3"w x 12"h - Round candle


4"w x 4"h - Round candle
4"w x 6"h - Round candle
4"w x 8"h - Round candle


6"w x 5.5h - 3 wick Round candle


2"w x 2"w x 3"h -Square candle


2"w x 2"w x 6"h Square square


3"w x 3"w x 4"h -Square Candle


3"w x 3"w x 6"h -Square candle


3"w x 3"w x 8"h - Square candle


3"w x 3"w x 10"h - Square candle


3"w x 3" w x 12"h -Square candle


4"w x 4" x 4" h - Square candle


Pricing on the above chart may not be accurate. Please refer to ordering page for any updated prices.

we accept Master card, Visa card , American Express and money orders.

we accept master-card, visa card  and money orders

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* 30% off wholesale applies to non decorated candles. Decorated candles wholesale at 10% off.