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Our Christian theme Comfort Candles ™ are exclusive one of a kind candles that are very unique in decoration and are available in an assortment of styles, sizes, colors and fragrances. Each candle is carefully handcrafted with expertise and are now available on a limited basis. Great for gift giving! Christian theme Comfort Candles wholesale pricing is ten percent off of listed retail prices for those whom qualify for our wholesale purchasing.

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Order number G06 - Prayer St.Francis Candle Order number G07 - Praying Hands candle Serenity Prayer candle  Good Shepard at Door  Jesus at Door Sacred Heart decorated candle decorated candle - Going Home candle decraoted -  First Communion
candle  - Madonna With Child candle  Our Lady of Guadalupe candle -  Our Lady With Infant Jesus candle - Holy Family Candle - Angel candle - Guardian Angel candle with Guardian Angel candle decorated - Angel at Bedside

Comfort Candles by Candle Comfort
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G01 5x8 Last supper (front & back) Gold/White $20.00
G03 3X7 Icon of Our Lord Blue or Green 15.00
G04 2.5x8 Icon-Our Lady of Guadalupe Blue or Gold 14.00
G05 3x6 Icon-Our Lady of Sorrow Blue or White 14.00
G06 3x10 Prayer St.Francis with wax Flower Garland White 18.00
G07 3x6 Praying Hands Wax Applique All 12.00
G08 2.5x6 Serenity Prayer All 9.00
G09 3x6 Good Shepard at Door Red 14.00
G10 3x8 Jesus at Door White 16.00
G11 3x8 Sacred Heart Orange or Pink 16.00
G12 2.5x8 Going Home Turquoise or Blue 14.00
G13 3x6 First Communion White 14.00
G14 2x6x5.5 Discontinued Green/White 14.00
G15 2x6 Madonna with child Blue 8.00
G16 2.5x6 Mary with Star Halo Blue or White 11.00
G17 2.5x6 Madonna in Window Dark Blue or White 11.00
G18 3x8 Our Lady Of Medjugorie Dark Blue or White 16.00
G19 3x8 Madonna With Child Dark Blue 16.00
G20 3x6 Our Lady in Rose Garland White or Blue 14.00
G21 2.5x6 Our Lady of Guadalupe Blue 11.00
G22 2.5x6 Our Lady With Infant Jesus White or Blue 11.00
G23 2.5x8 Holy Family Pink or White 14.00
G24 2.5x8 St. Joseph with Jesus White and Red 14.00
G25 3x8 Angel White or Pink 16.00
G26 3x8 Angel Blue 16.00
G27 2.5x8 Guardian Angel Blue or Turquoise 14.00
G28 2.5x8 Angel Blue 14.00
G29 3x6 Guardian Angel Blue or White 14.00
G30 3x6 Angel at Bedside Orange 14.00
G31 4x8 Madonna with Child in Garland White 20.00
G32 3x8 Madonna with Child Red 16.00
G33 3x8 Madonna with Child in Gold Braid Red 16.00

Copyright 2008 Candle Comfort Candles™ All rights reserved. We reserve the right to make changes to our products without notice, please bookmark this site and check back frequently for updates. * 30% off wholesale applies to non decorated candles only. Decorated candles wholesale at 10% off.